The Art Trip

In writing The Art Trip, I wanted to bring together the romance of Italy with the comic possibilities of a school trip, plus a good dose of nineties nostalgia! Its themes are, of course, love, but also learning and the power of inspiration, and by following both staff and students on a trip to Rome and Florence, the novel combines romance with a coming of age story. You can find out more about The Art Trip and read a free sample below!

What’s the Story?

It’s February 1998 and the annual Langton Community College Sixth Form trip to Rome and Florence is about to depart.

History teacher Beverley Ridley might be looking forward to it, if only it weren’t for her nemesis, Ken Smith-Wemyss; whilst for art teacher Ken, the feeling is definitely mutual.

Meanwhile, Beverley’s shy daughter Jessica dreads the trip’s social situations as hides an obsessive crush and weighs this idealized love against the possibility of a first real boyfriend.

The question is, as the staff and students alike fall under the inspiring influence of Italy and its art, who’ll learn the most about love?

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